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too many. >> max baucus lead in the caucus, mark sanford try to get in. >> where do you stand on stimulus? her answer would be very different from the way that i have stood for a while on the whole notion of bringing our financial house in order. >> mark sanford, a candidate for a cardboard debated cutout. his opponent will only give him one debate next week. you do not get any back talk when you do that. >> he was inspired by clint eastwood's performance of the chair of the republican national convention. right now, mark sanford is less popular in this district where mitt romney got 56% of the vote, than barack obama. the most popular figure in that district is not a elizabeth busch or any other democrat or republican, it is jenny sanford, and that is who he is running against, his former wife. she is not helping him, believe me. >> max baucus leaving the senate, can he be scared? >> it republicans have a good shot of taking his seat. there for the cause of the republicans taking control in the senate in 2014 just went up. max baucus was one of the most beloved members of the
today it was reported that max baucus would not be seeking re-election to a seventh term as united states senator from montana. the reason this is bad for those people who are working for k street lobbying firm is because with this news they are suddenly far less valuable lobbyists. if you think this is just me casting aspersions this was studied and it showed that lobbyists with experience in the office of a u.s. senator suffer a 24% drop in generated revenue when that senator leaves office. baucus land is influence that stretches west from capitol hill where baucus has served for nearly four decades, the first four as a congressman, the past 34 years as senator, out into the vast hill side of lobbying and influence peddling that is washington, d.c. in fact, in such a -- it is such a legendary nation, baucus land the "new york times" saw fit to write an entire article about the universe of people who moved from senator baucus' office to k street. at least 2 aides since 2001 have lobbied on tax issues during the obama administration more than any other current member of purpose. th
the establishment. but when max baucus a. prime mover on tax reform a. renegade on gun control, and one of the key senators protecting the democratic majority, said he is quitting next year, the ground shifted just a little built. why in this case, sue? >> a couple of reasons. one was a surprise. people weren't counting on max baucus to retire. the internal, hugely consequential figure in the senate for the better part -- been serving for three decades and for about the past 15 years, he's played an instrumental role in passing things from the bush tax cuts, medicare part d. most recently to obama's health care law. his fingerprints are all over that. and so from the policy, he's been very influential. and then from the politics, he comes from montana. a state that barama lost by double digits as one of seven states that has a democrat in the senate right now that they have to defend next year. and all of a sudden the radar start going up again as these are the kind of states and these are the kind of races that put the senate in play. >> the white house, problematic ally? >> well, this is max bau
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. they had to vote no because they're running for reelection. except today we found out max baucus is not running for reelection. after six terms he's quitting. he's been in the senate since i was five. the retirement of max baucus is not exactly being met with a wailing and gnashing of teeth. the huffington post made this their front page, essentially telling max baucus not to let the door hit him on his way outment cited with banks, back bush tax cuts, lobbyist complex, recommended girlfriend for federal job, delayed health care reform, ditched supporters. in other words, goodbye, max baucus. david selota was more direct. good riddance, max baucus. but whatever you thought of him as a senator, there is a bigger question here, which is why are they all quitting? after the last election, the democratic leadership in the senate said their top goal was to keep these senators from retiring. jay rockefeller, tim johnson, frank lautenberg and tim hark in. their top goal was that none of those five guys would retire. all of those five guys are retiring, and now max baucus. 25 have quit j
, like max baucus to have been more liberal but a statement that mitt romney carried by 20 percentage points. >> right. >> it's sort of reverse of what we have been talking about as far as the republican party goes. >> interesting state, though. it's a very complex one. bill clinton won it. the unions are strong there. it's a western state. it's very libertarian, but it's also -- has a long history of progressiveness. don't forget, they had a campaign finance level which prevented corporations from giving money and they have had it for a hundred years, until the supreme court threw it out last year. so montana is a very complicated state, a very interesting state. and i do not think it is a deep red state like utah is. i think it's a state that could be won by either party. >> howard, why are so many democrats retiring? six democrats in the senate. why? >> most of of it is age. a lot have been there for a long time and there does come a time where you don't want to be carried out with your boots on. some people do but it gets harder and harder. we were looking at the clip earlier of c
votes cast on this one were from a democrat and a republican. senator max baucus in montana voted no, and everyone assumed he did so to protect himself in his reelection campaign next year, but he announced today he is want running for reelection. he knew that last week. senator baucus didn't wake up this morning and suddenly decide he wasn't running. that's not the way senators make the decision not to run, and that is not the way max baucus makes decisions. he is a careful, calculating and very, very slow decider. so when he cast that cowardly vote last week, he knew he wasn't running for reelection. and in the process, he betrayed the junior senator from montana, john tester, a democrat who cast the politically brave vote for a montana senator and voted yes. what john tester needed that day was political cover from max baucus, a little help. john tester needed to be able to say, when he went back to montana, hey, max voted for it, too. now, when senator tester goes back to montana, he's going to be challenged with, hey, baucus voted against it, why didn't you? the junior senator f
is a max baucus, the finance chairman committee supposed to be taking care of tax reform and the biggest issue on the trouble and poor max baucus is saying, don't push this gun control debate at me. >> stuart: where does the president stand? does he win or lose out of the gun control, i'm going to call it a mess. >> he believes he can win and tag the republicans as the opponents of gun control and then he's going to try to convince the country to push them out of office in 2014. that's the theory. >> stuart: last word, kim, dots the president win or lose on the gun control issue. >> this is the problem that he wanted the headlines to be republicans are the problem and in fact, it's his own party that's standing in the way. >> stuart: all right. when we come back, a visit to cuba by superstar couple beyonce and jay-z sparks outrage. well, other american celebrities have done it so what's the big deal? ommy's hee [ male announcer ] with everything. but instead she gives him capri sun super-v. with one combined serving of fruits and vegetables. capri sun super-v. humans. even when we cross
max baucus who kind of turned his face -- his back on his own party. >> max baucus, what i think what people love about "house of cards," our staff is obsessed with it, by the way is the minute depiction of power. max baucus is just making a calculation he's up for re-election, he's in a red state. >> sure. that goes into play. you had a lot of -- you also had mccai mccain and toomey listening to the american public. 9 out of 10 people want this to happen. >> you sound so idealistic now. you've written such a cynical piece of work. the point is -- i've seen this in your work and the point is the way democracy actually works on capitol hill is not some sort of simple cause and effect mechanism between the will of the people and the things legislators do. >> certainly not. our show takes a dark look at politics, showing an extreme view how politics can work at its best and worst. >> vince underwood is not bound by ideologically and able to achieve progress because of that. >> what's interesting to me when i moved to washington and started covering capitol hill how surprising to me how c
and folks like max baucus who turned his back on his own party. >> so max baucus, what people love about house of cards, our staff is obsessed, by the way, is the minute granulation of the mechanics of power and the calculations. max baucus is making a calculation, he's up for re-election, he's in a red state. >> sure that goes in to play. but you had a lot of -- you also had mccain, collins and toomey. and we're listening to the american public. nine out of ten people want this to happen. so they voted against -- >> you sound so idealistic now but you have written such a cynical piece of work. the point is, and from -- i've seen this in your work both in the ieds of march. it is not the way that democracy actually works on capitol hill is not some sort of simple cause and effect mechanism between the will of the people, and the things legislators do. >> absolutely not. our show takes a dark look at politics. we are showing an extreme view of how politics can work at its best and worst. underwood is not bound by ideology. in a way he's able to achieve progress because of that. >> what is
of the architects of the plan, democratic senator max baucus, now says that he see as huge train wreck coming in this thing. bill: also after boss 10 the feds deciding the suspect in custody will be tried as a civilian. is that the right move? we'll talk to rudy giuliani, who helped guide new york and the country for that matter after the attacks. >> i hate to call the event whatever it was a terrible tragedy. i don't know how you measure, whether it was official terrorism or unofficial, whatever, clearly anyone to act in such a manner is clearly an evil person. you hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service instd of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a lot and umm... [ male announcer ] at visa signature, every upgradedxperience comes from listening to our cardholders. visa signature. your idea of what a card should be. martha: there are new claims today that syria is using chemical weapons against its own people. a top is
. max baucus when he said why he didn't vote for it, one word, montana. the nra and the crazy support of max baucus. i'm not going to say it's crazy to support max baucus because they got what they wanted but they're so supportive with money you understand why the senators vote in that way. you have to change the structure of the filibuster. noah is right with four democratic senators they only would have gotten to 59 but they shouldn't have to get past 59. they shouldn't have to get past 50 on this. that's why the rules have to change. >> cenk: i want to leave here with one amazing fact. do you know because of the filibuster and the small states with two senators and the large states also only having two senators. they only need--the senators representing less than 12% of the population in this country to block any bill. 12% of the population can block any legislation the way the senate is structured now. that's crazy. there is something fundamentally wrong with that. we're going to take a break and come back and talk about immigration. and what is wrong with that. marco rubio looked
. yes it is. having 20 slaughtered children is not enough? come on. senator max baucus gave a little more contrite. he gave an one word response against the gun bill, montana. he does have a point. how many guns there are per each state. in the home state of montana with 120 gun businesses for every 100,000 people. next the senator who voted against it with 104 per 100,000. and right behind him heidi hide camp and mark pryor. the senator from louisiana voted for it. and she's up for re-election. there are heroes on the right republicans senator susan collins mark kirk, putt toomey and john mccain all voted for it. afterwards mccain showed no sympathy for his colleagues who had been cowed by the nr. >> i can't blame any interest group for votes. people who are responsible. drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but y
. >> let's start with the gun vote, andrea, that you mentioned. max baucus was asked why he voted against background checks. and gave a one-word answer, montana. which made everyone, including myself, believe that he was running for re-election. that this was about his politics in a state. trace it back to health care. i asked him, is there a less popular democratic senator in the white house than max baucus. there aren't a lot. if there are any, this is someone who has been a bur in the side of the white house, particularly on health care. the way in which the health care debate played out. baucus was someone who wanted to control the bill. the white house sort of of ceded it to him and then it looked like it wasn't going to be what they wanted it led to a vast story in 2009-2010, the battle over health care. max baucus was at the heart of that. i would say just very quickly, andrea, five of the six democratic committee chairman in the senate are retiring. if that doesn't tell you something about the nature of the senate changing, that it's not a place they want to be, five of the six co
, montana's max baucus, is the eighth senator to say he won't seek reelection next year. we look at why democrats are worried. >> woodruff: fred de sam lazaro reports on gender bias in india, where many parents still opt for baby boys over girls. >> the gap began to wideen in the '90s with new ultrasound machines that made it easy to learn a fetus's sex. this scans have led to the termination of millions of female pregnancies. >> ifill: and margaret warner talks with the author of a new book about shadow warfare waged by the c.i.a. and special forces. >> a week after 9/11 president bush gave the c.i.a. lethal authority to capture and kill al qaeda members so they become much more into the killing business and the military. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. >> and with the ongoing support of these insti
, mary lan droou undecided. max baucus undecided. heidi heitkamp undecided. deanรง helder of nevada, jeff flake and retiring georgia senator saxby chambliss. i want to focus on the democrats here, kelly, because this is something that president obama has made a big priority. mary landrieu, heidi heitkamp, up for re-election in 2014. >> not heidi heitkamp. >> yes, baucus and landrieu. >> for baucus, his fellow state senator was just re-elected, a democrat as well. but montana is gun country there are many people strong advocates for the strongest gun protections for gun owners there. so he is one to watch. max baucus. will he be a no, will he be a yes? he surprised us a bit by voting yes to begin the debate. that's a very different calculus than voting on the measure itself. heidi heitkamp is from north dakota, similar circumstances there. and when you've got mary landrieu, louisiana, her fellow representative of louisiana, david vitter, a republican, so sometimes it's what happens with how voters in a state will judge the two senators who represent them. when they're both from the same pa
and we see more delays. >>> senator max baucus, the latest member to say he is not running for election. we'll talk with nbc senior political editor mark murray. first, a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. charlie rangel of new york is suing house speaker john boehner and six other lawmaker to have his 2012 censure on ethics charges overturned. he argues that members of the house ethics committee withheld evidence that could have cleared his name before the entire house voted to censure him. it covered a wide range of activities including failing to pay taxes on rental income for 17 years. >>> anthony weiner back on twitter. he was caught sending a young woman accepting suggestive pictures on twitter. he is now considering, reportedly considering running in the race for mayor in new york city. those are things we thought you should know. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where s
about security at big events and gatherings. >> ifill: then, a powerful democratmontana's max baucus, is the eighth senator to say he won't seek reelection next year. we look at why democrats are worried. >> woodruff: fred de sam lazaro reports on gender bias in india, where many parents still opt for baby boys over girls. >> the gap began to wideen in the '90s with new ultrasound machines that made it easy to learn a fetus's sex. this scans have led to the termination of millions of female pregnancies. >> ifill: and margaret warner talks with the author of a new book about shadow wfa waged bythe c.i.a. and speal forces. >> a week after 9/11 president bush gave the c.i.a. lethal authority to capture and kill al qaeda members so they become much more into the killing business and the military. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live
that max baucus will not rerun. he's one of the people that voted against the gun reform measures out of the senate. as we look at this and the political headline, max baucus locked in bitter feuds with party. we look at his voting history on this. he voted against bipartisan gun background check bill i mentioned. voted against senator patty murray's budget. voted for obama care but says he foresees a train wreck in implementing part of it. is it a relief to the administration to hear he's not going to rerun? >> it's good that he's not going to rerun and come back because one of the elements that the administration really wants, obama wants, is implementation of obama care. looked like he would be a problem there. fundamentally, this is a guy who has fought harry reid and although he was on the wrong side from the obama administration's point of view on guns, he really is a democrat, a montana democrat, but a democrat in the senate and his departure means that you're likely going to have a republican in that red state. that's not good for obama the next three years. >> so as we talk a
montana on sunday. this sunday. featuring local gun owners angry about senator max baucus' vote. joining me right now, david axelrod, former obama senior adviser. msnb political analyst and republican strategist john feehery. somehow i have a different attitude towards the republicans and the democrats who voted on this thing. i don't know why it is because i'm not always partisan. but i really do have a problem with mitch mcconnell. i would like to see him get stung hard on this one. why do i think like that? because he tends to be an s.o.b. generally? does anybody like that guy? >> you don't like mr. mcconnell but i like him. >> you like mr. mcconnell. >> i don't think this is going to hurt him. >> you're in the minority. >> nobody likes him. >> he's the least popular incumbent running for re-election right now. >> yeah. >> i will say this, chris. his concern right now is not about a general election. it's about a primary. until the primary -- we'll see what happens after. but until primary filing is done, he's looking over his right shoulder. and he doesn't really care about these ads
your reaction to it. max baucus, the finance committee chairman in the senate, the guy who sort of shepherded obamacare through the senate, announced he's going to retire at the end of his term in early 2015. he's a democrat in a conservative state. what does that do, first of all, for the republicans' prospects of retaking the senate? >> well, jon, it looks really good for the republicans to have a guy like max baucus with his campaign firepower retire until you realize that governor brian schweitzer may now run in his place. and i think montana tans like governor schweitzer a whole lot more than they like max baucus. so the republicans, ironically, might have been better off with baucus on the ballot even though he's a dogged campaigner and a smart political operator. i think this is big news on capitol hill where max but a us is always at the center of the big legislative developments. he's working on a tax reform bill. not that i think it's going to come to fruition, but he has that kind of access and power. and so i think, you know, for republicans you in theory always like
. tom, thanks. >>> another veteran of the senate is leaving. six-term montana democrat max baucus retiring at the end of his term. baucus is 71. he was among the handful of democrats who just voted against those expanded background checks for gun purchases. he runs the finance committee, had a huge influence on taxation, health care reform. this makes now six incumbent democratic senators not running for re-election. tonight at the white house, the president will host the women of the u.s. senate. all 20 female members of the senate have been invited to a private dinner. by political party the breakdown is 16 democrats, 4 republicans, and it's the latest in the president's dinner campaign with various lawmakers in d.c. >>> we have an update tonight on the midwest flooding that's been hammering several states during the past week. the illinois river among the hardest hit right now expected to crest overnight tonight. it's already left parts of peoria completely cut off from the rest of the city. the army corps is keeping a close eye on the main levee there which, as of tonight, is
on its provisions, even how doctors are going to get paid. >> look at senator max baucus, one of the authors of this, looks at sebelius and says this is a train wreck. >> neil: but i admired him early on. wasn't he the guy who said, charles payne, we have people to read this? >> exactly. >> neil: when you start saying, i had people to read this -- >> hhs has missed dozens of deadlines -- >> there is a lot we don't know. but what we do know, draconian interpretation is full time work. this is going to destroy people. their hours are going to go from 40 to less than 30. we know a -- >> neil: a lot of this is already happening. >> a lot of states aren't prepared. the $40 an hour to tell you there is a platinum gold, bronze, that's a farce. >> deadline is october 1 for these state exchanges. good luck meeting that, too. >> neil: in a way, what's going to happen, we will get a singer payer system. >> absolute israeli -- absolutely. i really do believe that the idea was eventually to get to that and this is a way to make sure of that. >> yeah. and what was scary about the debate aro
on revision even how doctors are going to get paid. >> look at senator max baucus, and kathleen sebelius says this is train wreck. >> neil: i admired him early on. do we have people to read this? >> when you start saying i had people to read this. >> hhs has missed dozens. >> there is lot what we don't know. what we do know draconian interpretations of what full time work, a lot of people are going to take 25% hair cut. we do know a lot of states -- we know it's going to happen in droves. a lot of changes so you won't have a choice. the interpreter there is platinum, silver and gold program, that is a farce. >> ends october 1st for the state exchanges and good luck meeting that. >> we will get a single payer system. i think the market only, sounds like a helicopter pilot but i really do believe the idea was eventually to get to that and this is the way to make sure of that. >> what was scary about the debate around healthcare i believe -- >>> in the area down in philadelphia. been able to tell you. the thing is a mess. they don't know how it will rolled out. particularly inster cities. that i
disappointment with the six dems who have caved on us on the gun bill. especially max baucus. he's a long-time service in the senate. he could be a leader on this. i think if he would lead, others would follow. he kayed on us on -- he cavedden with us and now he's going to cave on the gun bill. he's chosen to get in bed with wayne lapierrre. he's a spinels jellyfish and it makes me sick. >> i disagree with you on one point. spinels would connote he has the principle and he does not stand up for it. >> caller: yes, you're right. >> marcus did not cave on single payer. max baucus ran blocker against single pair. >> caller: that's true. >> all of the people who say obama should have held out for single payer need to know that max baucus and the other blue dogs fighting against it said if it's in there the rest of the bill dies. so the idea the mythology that obama caved on it was based around the idea that somehow he could have talked max baucus and the rest of them into it. that's not what happened at all. in this vote, he's not caving. max baucus does not believe in background checks for
the country knowing what in the world do i do? jon: that was montana democratic senator max baucus. some in the gop are now urging other democrats to follow his lead. in an op-ed piece, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell writes. jon: let's talk about it with bob cusack, the managing editor of "the hill," he covers all things political. bob, he doesn't, mitch mcconnell doesn't seriously expect the president is going to do that, does he? i mean, the president has sold us on the idea that you're going to be able to keep your doctor if you want, your premiums are going to be lower, all of that. >> yeah. i mean, jon, there are such high stakes in this because we have the election next year, the bulk of implementation will start on january 1, 2014. i was talking to a couple republicans this week x they think this is going to be a big thing for them. if the imitation of in this is going to be -- implementation of this is going to be a train wreck, max baucus of montana said and who is not running for re-election, that's going to help them. so the administration will have to describe more, i
" is next. >> john: max baucus is leaving the senate. this means that for the first time in years, there's a slight chance that his senate seat could finally go to a democrat. now that the boston bombing suspect has been caught, republican lawmakers have declared it safe to hate muslims again. the sequester has kicked in and flights are being delayed and what's really awful is this is making some lawmakers late for congressional sessions who voted to cutting more government programs. today is the birthday of william shakespeare, michael moore and lee majors, the $6 million man although due to sequester cuts, he's now the $3.5 million man. shakespeare said, lord what tools these mortals be. eliot spitzer is here. i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." >> john: good evening, i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." less than a week after the manchin toomey gun control bill was defeated in the senate, one of the democrats who helped shoot is down is stepping down. democratic strategist say max baucus who chairs the powerful finance committee has decided to retire rather than run for re-el
finance chairman max baucus working behind closed doors to reach a deal and he reportedly has an ally on the republican side, utah's orrin hatch. we're waiting to get senator orrin hatch hooked up. he will join us in just a minute. let me go back to jimmy williams and vin weber. vin, you were through the '86 tax battle. what's your take on this at a time when the president is really opposed to this? >> well, that's kind of the important point. >> he wants to raise taxes. >> the goal of the obama administration -- goal of this president, is to raise the revenue base of the government to solve the problem long-term through taxes. he might give a few good things to us on the right in order to get that, but that's his -- >> such as. >> maybe modest entitlement reform, not enough. the tax reform issue, the question is will he allow the top rate, marginal rates he has been crusading to raise ever since he first started running for president, will he allow them to come down in the context of a revenue-raising tax -- >> so far the answer is no. so far he wants -- >> but if he will, i think th
: now, new developments in the upcoming battle for control of the senate. montana democrat max baucus surprised capitol hill today by announcing he will not seek reelection when his term ends next year. that makes him the eighth senator, and the sixth democrat, to step aside this year. the two republicans hold safe red seats in nebraska and georgia. and three of the democrats are from states president obama carried last fall. but the rest are toss-ups that may cost democrats control of the senate in 2014. plus, four more incumbent democrats-- from north carolina, arkansas, louisiana, and alaska-- are considered vulnerable. so, can one senator's decision change the political landscape? for that, we turn to stuart rothenberg of the rothenberg political report and amy walter of the cook political report. good to have you both here. what's your answer to the question, new >> i think it changes the map a little bit. there are four seats right off the top that republicans are very optimistic about. two open in south dakota and west virginia and then the two democratic senators from the sout
and you've got your strategy going. max baucus, he's not running, that's what's happened since that vote. clearly he had made that decision before. and had been thinking about it for a while. so can't you go to max baucus and say, hey, you've got nothing at stake here politically. >> well, but still, andrea, max, montana is first and foremost for max, like west virginia is to me. max has been very hopefully there can be more of a comfort level knowing exactly what happened to the bill. let me explain whey think happened. the first bill that came out was chuck schumer's bill. i told chuck i couldn't support that bill. chuck was gracious enough to start working from that point. came clear over to where we needed to find a bill that really, really basically worked towards the law-abiding gun owners and kept criminals and severely mentally ill people from being able to buy a gun. the people were still putting out all the hype about the first bill, which anyone in washington knows that bill wasn't going anywhere. our bill replaced it. so now we don't have that distraction. that might give som
of the president's own party, like montana senator max baucus and west virginia senator jay rockefeller, they're saying, oh-oh, publicly. nbc's chuck dodd asked this. >> ostensibly helped write your bill, believed this was going to be a train wreck. why do you believe he's wrong? >> well, i think that any time you're implementing something big, there's going to be people who are nervous and anxious about is it going to get done until it's actually done. i think the main message i want to give to the american people here is despite all of the hue and cry and sky is falling predictions about this stuff, if you already have health insurance, then that part of obamacare that affects you, it's pretty much already in place. >> i don't know how he says that. we're going to have to debate this. let's welcome back governor howard dean, joining us health policy expert, betsy mccoy author of the book "beating oba obamacare" taking the president to task, betsy. you saying, he's saying, you have your own insurance today, you will not be affected, premiums, change your policy, is that true? >> the presiden
arkansas, and max baucus of montana. [ booing ] >> stephanie: he also started bitching about the health care law yesterday which he help write. because he is up for reelection and it's not as popular. and we have to give a yay to the four republicans that backed it. >> uh-huh. [ applause ] >> stephanie: kind of surprising that john mccain did. i don't know. >> stephanie: he'll surprise ya. >> he always surprises us. >> stephanie: he really does. he is a little erratic. >> especially coming from arizona which is such a gun-nut state. >> stephanie: yes. supporters promised payback. gabby giffords said we will use every means possible to make sure the constituents of these senator ignored them and put politics first. the manchin toomey bill -- the nra -- the president said the word lie. they just flat out lied. >> yeah. >> stephanie: it would lead to a national registry -- things that were specifically prevented in the bill. the nra's assertions are simply a lie. and anybody who can read know it is simply not factual said joe manchin. >> yeah. >> stephanie: it is disgusting.
. >>> democrats face a new hurdle in their bid to keep control of the u.s. senate in 2014. finance committee max baucus says he will not seek a seventh term in office. bachus has served in washington for more than 40 years, he actually has nearly 5 million in campaign cash on hand, that's why it surprised people. a powerful voice on tax issues, the 71-year-old has at times clashed with fellow democrats for his opposing his own party's initiatives in some instances. he was one of four democrats who voted last week against expanded background checks for gun sales. there are now six democrats in the senate who will not be running for re-election next year. most of whom represent politically competitive seats. party leaders in montana are looking to brian schweitzer as their best chance for holding on to that seat. >>> after holding two separate dinners with senate republicans over the past few weeks, last night president obama hosted a bipartisan group of female senators at the white house. all 20 women, most ever to serve in the senate at the same time, were invited. the group discussed ongoing bu
. >> montana's max baucus makes the sixth democratic senator to say no thanks to another term in washington. what will that mean for 2014, plus, the president taking time out to make fun of himself, the press, and lots of others at the annual white house correspondents' dinner. >> in fact, i'm taking my charm offensive on the road. a texas barbecue with ted cruise, kentucky blue crass concert with rand paul, and a book burning with michele bachmann. >> here are today's political headlines. the investigation to the boston bombing opened up a controversy on capitol hill over the fbi's 2000 investigation, 2011 investigation, into one of the bombing suspects. michigan republican congressman mike rogers said this morning we need to know more. >> i think it's too early to start pointing fingers and blame. remember, they're right in the middle of an investigation. if you look at what they did in 2011, at the end of the day, they had n derogatory information including all data bases. >> all data bases. and interviews. at some point the fbi just doesn't get to investigate americans or people here wh
. >> i think the pressure will be increasing. when you see people like max baucus who says the pressure is going to be so great that it is time to stepep out of the senate and not be beat up for standing in the way of these kind of bills, i think people will be sensitive, there is an election coming up a year from now and they have to do what is best for the american people and not pander. adam: i guess what you're saying is we will for theeystone pipeline built in the approval for this you suspect is going to come before the end of the year? >> i would expect it would come before the end of the year. and i would also predict if it does not come by the end of the year that the new members of congress two years from now will then get it done. adam: congressman. thank you, sir, we appreciate u being here, the keystone xl pipeline is a big issue for so many people. members rallying in washington. thank you, sir. >> we welcome the president sending them away. we appreciate the president for that. adam: all the better, we wish you well. time for today's "fuel gauge report." futures spiking t
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